Master of Occupational Therapy

Master Of Occupational Therapy

Master of Occupational Therapy

Objective & Prospects

This course deals with basic concepts central to Occupational Therapy as a profession. It includes study of human occupation, historical perspective, philosophical and ethical issues related to Occupational Therapy. The concepts of Health, Wellness and Well-being and the role of Occupational Therapy in promoting the same are also discussed. The course includes an extensive study of the various frames of references that guide clinical practice of Occupational Therapy. Additionally, various psychological theories that are important to the understanding of Occupational Therapy practice are studied. The course also emphasizes on the study of the Teaching- Learning process to enhance the teaching skills of the candidates. After completing the post graduation in Occupational Therapy the students can get an

attractive and challenging opportunity is the field of teaching at college and university level as lectures, Assistant Professor etc. Those who want can be enrolled for Ph.D. programmes and create wonders in the field of educational and therapeutic field through research. The students can be employed in Government or private hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics with handsome wages. There is a great international demand and opportunity for the professionals. Additionally, the students can work as a consultant with different institutions working in the field of health, rehabilitation, community activities, educational and industrial. The students may take up the course in following specialities :
(i) Occupational Therapy in Musculo - Skeletal Rehabilitation.
(ii) Occupational Therapy
in Neurological Rehabilition.
(iii) Occupational Therapy in Peadiatric Rehabilitation.
(iv) Occupation Therapy in Mental Health.

Fees Payable

Enrolment fee for full course


Tution fee for one year


Total Rs.



Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy


2 Years