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    In the era of unprecedented expansion of in the demand for Hospital facilities and services, Hospital has became one of largest industries in the world. It also provide employment of a great number of people. For a good hospital it require over all efficiency and effectiveness in the health sector in general and internal administration of Hospital in Particular. Now the area of Hospital is not limited to provide only health care services but its role expanded as one of the social in over all development, establish concrete and productive relationship between health microscopic variables such as consumptions (money, material and time) productivities (providing quality services to maximum number of patients, enhancement of training

    facilities etc). And thirdly labor (skilled and committed labor-maximum utilization of man power-medical/non-medical staff to achieve optimum goal of the health care institution.)
    There are great challenges before the hospital administrator due to magnitude and complexity in ensuring efficient management of various department. The job of administrator demands mixture of many types of skills. Administrator is successful when he is able to make a smooth functioning team of people working under him. He is to reconcile, coordinate and appraise the operation (health care services) of the hospital. Skills required for the administrator are (1) conceptual skills (2) human skills and (3) technical skills. From these three categories human skills are more impotent s for the hospital administrator- it is essential to work with the people and achieve the cooperation. Human skills are the abilities needed to resolve conflict, motivate, lead and communicate. He must possess quality of a good leader he must serve as a strong team player, able to achieve the desired success to various aspects of hospital functioning and services.

    He must be a person of strong character with emotional intelligence. He leads by example and is in role model, practice rather than preaching would be a code word of an ideal leader he would have knowledge of job, knowledge of self and ability to deal with people and have good communicating skills. A leader should also have confidence motivation and enthusiasm to initiate new projects with courage to take decision at the right movement and will power to pursue, keeps egocentricity check. Leader grows more and last longer by placing well being of all above the well being of self. Effective leader give direction and most optimistic and courageous anticipated and prepare for difficulties and effective communicator. Excellency can achieve institutions by taking spirituality with work.
    He must be educator since much of his duties in the field of educating, teaching and guiding subordinate and other personnel. He should be business minded and be a good buyer for the hospital combining quality and price so that secure the greatest value for money.
    It is important for a hospital administrator to have ability to work co-cordially with others – the governing boat, medical staff, personnel and public.
    He must learn that hospital has no hour of closing and like his office is never closed – means he is responsible for smooth operation of the hospital at all time. He should always be available , approachable and be even willing to meet and listen to the staff and the public and do any thing that is for the good for the hospital. Above all he must be a community oriented and provide health care services to people at a affordable cost. He must cooperate with the government in implementing various national health care programme to the community.

    By Prof. Anil Kumar Sah
    Course Director, Hospital Management,
    IIHER, Beur, Patna



    Due to pressure of demand of quality health care, growth and rising cost, Govt. interference coming under the jurisdiction of Consumer Protection Forum, increasing cost and automation have become Hospital Management a complex.
    It has no longer remained under control of medical professional only. It requires understanding of full uses of information specially accounting and statistical information as a basis for planning and controlling the operation of hospital organization. Effective administrative decision making and policy formulation rest, in fact, upon and ability to managerial skill. And also based on survey of the specific area for finding out specific diseases plan depends and decision taken for health care operations and coordinate with such organization Government or Non Government engage in health care and well being of the community.


    It has become an industries which transaction has crossed seventy thousand corer of rupees in the country has opened a new vista for employment.
    It is said that the patient is not only patient but also are the costumer. It requires a good salesmanship for hospital personnel to deal with. Hence, the human relations become most important of hospital management.
    Many corporate and voluntary hospitals have come up and it is hope that many groups will be entering into the fray to invest in the hospital industry. Definitely, such hospital comes directly under the purview of laws, such as Society Registration Act, Company Act, Government permission which defined the rights, powers and duties of the governing board or the board of management and or the boards of director.
    Planning is the process of deciding what action should be taken in future. It involves the establishment of objectives and policies within the frame work which plan will become actual achievement. It required coordination of all functional units or departments within the organizational structure of the hospital. A hospital building, disarrange machinery and equipment, unorganized staff of doctors, nurses, technician, housekeepers and other personnel, a few lakhs of rupees, will not provide hospital services. Some one must decide what services will be provided, to whom these services will be made available, what function will be performed by various hospital personnel, how these services and functions will be financed. These and other operating plants and decisions must be made and be employed most effectively in the provision of quality medical care at minimum cost.

    Control is the process by which hospital management assures it self in so far as is feasible, that organizational units confer to its plans objectives, and policies.

    Budgeting is the other area to which is the absolute managerial necessity. It covers all phases of activities for a definite period in future. It is formal expression of administrative planes, policies and objectives for each department of the hospital and for the organization as a whole.Another main function of the management is control particularly internal control. The American institute of certified public accountants has defined internal control in the manner.“Internal control comprises the plan of organization and all of the coordinate methods and measures adopted with business of safeguard its assets, check the accuracy and reliability of its accounting data promote of operational efficiency and encourage adherence to prescribed managerial policy. Internal control is the administrative responsibility and primary prerequisite of effective management.
    Under above light trained the professional in management is the need of the time and changing sceneries of the health care management in ensuring efficient and effective quality health care services a health care / hospital manager serves as a strong team player, communicator , motivator and able to achieve the desired success. They are posted as director, administrator, the administrative officer, health care manager and so on. The administrative ability in the industrial field in no sense qualities and individual to properly direct a hospital with its complicated management, personal, emotional, psychological and medical problems. A study of numerous and varied duties that administrator perform makes it clear that to be successful he must be a person endowed by nature with special qualities which should supplemented by education, training and wide experiences.
    The job of an administrator demands a working knowledge of finance, and accounting, industrial relation, system analysis, public relations, marketing social psychology, house keeping, information management, computer sense high technology, law to name only a few. The administrator to it falls responsibility for leadership and coordination of all activities must be necessarily be well trained, qualified experience if the hospital is to discharge fully its obligation to governing board, patients, public and staff. Same time he must have organizing ability and firmness tempered with tact well considerate in handling people. He should posses leadership qualities and vision and be a good administrator.
    Keeping in view to produce trained hospital managers Indian Institute of Health education & Research, Beur, Patna, and research providing one year diploma course in Hospital Management. The product of this institution are serving in various health institutions both in India and abroad.

    By Prof. Anil Kumar Sah
    Department of Hospital Management ,



    General OPD, I.C.U, N.I.C.U, I.C.C.U, Pathology, Pharmacy, X-RAY and Ultrasound, Physiotherapy, ORTHOPEDIC, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Surgical Trauma and Neurological, Gynecology, Pediatric Department, Gastro Department, Speech Therapy, Prosthetic & Orthotic (Artificial limb & supportive devices).
    Note: Oxygen, Nebulizer, Doppler, X-ray 24 hour Generator and Ambulance facility Available Here



    ICU Charge

    Rs. 2500 Per Day


    Oxygen Charge

    Rs. 70 Per Hour


    Foils Cather Charge

    Rs. 250


    Emergency Charge

    Rs. 500 Day & 1000 Night


    Nursing Charge

    Rs. 500 Per Day


    Nimoligesation Charge

    Rs.60 Per Session (15min)


    Private Room Charge

    Rs. 1300 Per Day A/C


    Bed Charge

    Rs 700 Per Day A/C


    Bed Charge

    Rs.300 Per Day Non A/C


    Central Line Charge



    MD Doctor Visit Charge

    Rs.1000 Per Visit


    DM Doctor Vest Charge

    Rs.1200-1500 Per Visit


    Rise Tube Charge



    B.T. +Cross Match Charge



    R.B.S. Charge


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