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      National Level webinar (CRE) Programme date has been extended and it wiil be held on 17th to 19th Aug 2021.


    Recognition & Affiliation

    Bihar Goverments

    The Institution is duly recognized by the Govt. of Bihar for its all the courses of Degree. Diploma and Certificate levels. The State Govt. has recently granted its Approval for runing Post graduate and some other graduate level courses and for affiliation to the Patliputra University , Patna. Vide its Memo No. R/PPU/493/2020 Dated 07 Aug,2020. The state has already granted its permanent affiliation to this institution under the same University for its all the other degree courses, which are being conducted from the previous years. including abridged degree for diploma holders, as per provisions of section-21(2d) of Bihar State University Act-1976, vide its notification No.-1/PMI-01/04-883 (1) dated 1-11-2007. The state Govt. has also granted prior approval to conduct B.Ed. Special Education course, under the same section of the University Act. The diplomas and certificate courses are already recognized permanently, vide letter Nos. 1/PS-28/92-48/J.S. dated 1-11-95. and 105/ADME/SW., dated 11-12-95.

    Note:-List of the institute recognized by RCI Please click given below link






    The Health & Medical Education Department, Government of Bihar has appointed the Addl. Director, Medical Education, Health Services, Govt. of Bihar as Ex-Officio Government Nominee in the Examination Board of the institute for Diploma Courses Vide letter No. -1/P.S. - 28/92-48/ J.S., Date -1/11/95. The Government Nominee is also one of the signatories of the original Diplomas and certificates imparted by the institute on completion of the courses.

    Patliputra University, Patna (BIHAR)

    This Institution comes under the territorial Jurisdiction of the Patliputra University, Patna (Bihar), The University has granted affiliation to the institute for imparting above mentioned degree level courses encluding abridged degree for diploma holders vide its order Nos. G-III A-27/96-37(A). Dated - 18-2-1994. and 197/G-IIIA, Dated 21-04-2003. The same has been approved by the health department of Bihar Govt. under the provisions of the Bihar state University Act-1976, vide Not ification No.1/PMI-01/04-883 (1), dated 01-11-2007


    Rehabilitation Council of India is a statutory body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Welfare), Govt. of India. This Council like other Councils. i.e. Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India etc., recognises institutions of degree/diploma/certificate courses in the faculties of rehabilitation of disables. This Council also registers Rehab. professionals, as other councils do. Courses in Prosthetic & Orthotic, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, Mental Retardation and Visually Handicapped faculties are in the purview of the RCI. First time on 8th June 1998, a team of inspectors appointed by the RCI, inspected our instituiton for recognition of the institute the RCI finally granted affiliation to the institute vide Letter No. - 8-78/94-RCI-3358. Dated -14/9/98. All the course run by this institiution, that comes under the purview of RCI, are recognised by the council. The council is extending its recognition regularly. The latest extention has been communiated vide its letter no. 8-78/BPO & BASLP / 94-RCI/3251/3252/3283, Dated 8-12-2006. The RCI has also granted its approval (Recognition) to this Institution for conducting B.Ed.(Special Education) vide its Letter No. 17-348/B.Ed.(HI)/07-08/RCI-142, Dated 09/09/2008.

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    • This is to notify that due to some technical issue in Patliputra University website online registration is failed and university is closed for holiday of Durga Puja till 18th Oct 2021. Next online registration date of 2020 batch for all masters and bachelor courses will be announce after 19th Oct 2021.  

    • This is to notify that online registration process of 2020 batch for all masters and bachelor courses is started by the Patliputra University, Patna. All students are instructed to fill their online registration form on Patliputra university website (https://ppuponline.in) from 09/10/2021 to 11/10/2021 after clearing their all fee dues and get approval from the institute till 11/10/2021. Instruction to fill the online registration is mention steps wise below:- Step1:- Open https://ppuponline.in/registration_search.php link. Step2:- In search in box select registration no. (Paramedical/ BPED). Step3:- In Admission Reg. No/ B.ed Nouroll box type your date of Birth without any special character. (If Your Date of Birth is 10-10-1980 then put like this 10101980). Step4:- Select your date of birth in Date of Birth box. Step5:- Fill the blank boxes information correctly and upload the necessary documents. Step6:- Make Payment and submit the printout of the payment slip along with their registration form and original Migration Certificate in the institute office till 11/10/2021 lastly by 5pm. Note: - Student facing any problem while filling the online registration can contact on these numbers 9386745004/ 6202189755/ 9122174486. (Calls can be answered only in working hours).